Where in the world are Android devices showing up? [INFOGRAPHIC]


An infographic entirely dedicated to Android in the world

The Handset Detection, a company that we are not here to explain what it made, as its name reveals it all, he has published in his blog dedicated to Android this infographic created with their data. We are sure that many of you will be affected.


The infographic begins by saying that the Handset Detection has found more than 35 million mobile phones in seven countries: the United States, Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Australia and India. Interesting to see how in all countries (India in part) there is a Samsung in the head, in most cases an SIII. This is to highlight even more the South Korean company’s market. Recall, however, that the infographic is based on data from the sale of mobile phones with Android OS only, leaving aside iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and others.

Good reading.


How do you feel after reading this infographic? Do you think that Samsung will increase more its market share? Or other companies have more possibilities? And what OS mobile do you prefer now?

Comments below.

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